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Moving long distance and across the interstate with SMARTBOX is a great way to ensure that your belongings are moved safely across the country. Whether your move takes you from the east coast to the west coast, or from the north to the south, SMARTBOX offers smart moving solutions to guide you through your entire moving process.

Moving long distance requires additional strategic planning, and our team of moving consultants wants to make sure that we have everything in place that you will need in order to complete your move. Once we obtain the amount of items you have to move, we schedule a time to send the containers to you so you can start packing for your long distance move. There is no rush on how quickly you need to complete your packing because SMARTBOX portable moving containers are delivered directly to you. In fact, you can schedule a later date for SMARTBOX to return and pick up your packed containers. At that point, SMARTBOX moving experts will coordinate your move with the SMARTBOX facility in your new relocation city, and provide service for you to have your items unloaded and unpacked.

One of the best aspects to moving long distance with SMARTBOX is that your belongings are packed securely into the storage container. Once again, the engineering success of the SMARTBOX container comes into play because it provides added protection against shifting during transport. You also gain the security of knowing that once your items are loaded into the moving container, they will not be opened until you decide to. With traditional long distance, interstate moves, it is possible that due to tight schedules, your belongings could be added into another scheduled move. This opens the door to damage and lost items. With SMARTBOX, you are our priority, and we keep all of your containers closed and locked until you are ready to open them.


The SMARTBOX containers fit together perfectly on the certified, bonded transport truck and provide the perfect platform for you to pack your items in a room by room, detailed and organized way. SMARTBOX understands that a long distance move can be an exhausting process, and when your belongings arrive at their new destination, you will have the advantage of easier unpacking because each unit contains items from a specific room. You will avoid having to spend extra energy sorting through kitchen items that may be mixed in with basement items, or bedroom items mixed in with dining room items.

Traveling across the interstate can bring various opportunities for bumpy roads and bad weather conditions, but once again, the SMARTBOX containers are designed for durability and weather changes. As your belongings are transported across the miles, so is our professionalism, dedication and commitment to great customer service, and we will make sure we protect and guard your belongings as our own.

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Local Moving

Within Alberta, Highland Moving dominates the local moving market. We can move your home across the street, across town or across the province. You don’t even have to be changing addresses to call Highland. Redecorating, refinishing or re-carpeting your floors? We would be happy to come and help. We can pack, move, unpack and arrange any extra services that your move requires.

Local Moving Rates

Generally, local moves are charged by the hour and rates depend on the size of the van, the number of men required, plus the cost of additional services such as packingstorageprotecting your goods, etc. Charges are based on the actual time on the job plus the driving time between your residence and our office. A well equipped professional mover will save you time and money. Our moving consultants would be happy to visit your home to provide you with a detailed estimate of costs or you may contact us by telephone, or you can use MovesOnline our easy to use online quote generator.


Arranging a local move with Highland

Arrangements for a local move should be made at least a week or two before moving day. Movers are usually booked to capacity during peak periods which include school holidays during the summer and at month ends. Please make arrangements as far in advance as possible during these periods.
We have provided you with moving tipsa moving checklist and some suggestions on arranging the easiest way to move locally.